ArcheAge Russia is blocking non-Russian IPs [Updated]

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|03.12.14

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ArcheAge Russia is blocking non-Russian IPs [Updated]
Next step: moving to Russia, I guess.
North American players looking to play ArcheAge have kind of come to terms with the idea that XLGAMES is taking a long time to localize the game. A very long time. So long that several players have found it far more efficient to just log on to the game's Russian client. If there were hypothetically an English patch for it, that would make life that much easier for players who don't speak Russian.

However, it's a moot point now, as the game's Russian servers are now blocked for players not located in Russia or former Soviet countries. According to Google translate, has implemented the IP block at XL's request, stating that "from states not listed, [logging in] would be impossible." No word on any potential refunds for players playing from outside of the now-limited list of available countries.

[Thanks to Preacher for the tip!]

[Update: Tipster Potaco pointed us toward a thread on the ArcheAge Source forums, where US posters are reporting that they are still able to log into the game with US IPs. Participants remain uncertain whether the region-blocking has been permanently lifted or will be reinforced with the next patch.]
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