The most obscure Alliance Achievement in WoW

Anne Stickney
A. Stickney|03.20.14

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The most obscure Alliance Achievement in WoW
While most achievements in game are available to both factions, there are a few here and there that are limited to one faction only. Of these few, one is so obscure, so out of the way that most Alliance players don't even know of its existence, unless of course they've spent a lot of time carefully looking through their Achievements tab. But even then, there's no real direction or quest to discover this particular achievement. It's just there, hidden out of sight in the northern reaches of Darkshore.

It's not often I tell people to go jump in a lake. But you're going to want to go jump in a lake for this one. Specifically, the Maw of the Void -- a swirling vortex of water unearthed with the Cataclysm. Upon discarding all sense of self-preservation and leaping forthwith into the water, you'll be treated to a short cutscene as your character is abruptly sucked under the water, the screen doing dark.

And that's when things get really weird.

Thankfully, this little jaunt underwater isn't going to kill you, although the fall at the end of the plunge might be a little unnerving -- this is also an easy way to get the Going Down? achievement while you're at it. Upon safely landing, you'll find yourself in an empty cavern, somewhere deep below Darkshore itself. You'll immediately notice a member of the Cenarion Circle down there named Bielara Ivyshroud, who will helpfully offer to teleport you out. But don't take her up on her offer just yet. Head up the ramp and fight off the two Forlorn Highborne spirits along the way.

At the top of the ramp is another angry spirit -- this time, the ghost of a demon hunter named Telarius Voidstrider. He doesn't waste any time at all trying to kill you. After successfully defeating Telarius, loot his body for the Writings of the Dark Herald, a book of tips and secrets on becoming a Demon Hunter. These kind of secrets aren't exactly embraced by open arms in night elf society, so take the book over to Ranger Glynda Nal'Shea over at nearby Lor'daenel. You can speak to Bielara to get out of the hole.

Turning in the quest will net you the achievement Ghosts in the Dark, and a little history on Telarius as well. It turns out Telarius was a demon hunter killed by Maeiv Shadowsong, long ago. The exact details of their altercation are left unsaid, but the book is taken by Glynda. Although obscure, unearthing this achievement is pretty easy if you know where to look -- and it'll net you 10 achievement points for very little effort. And while there is little to be gleaned in regards to Telarius and his mysterious fate in the depths of Darkshore, perhaps some secrets are best left a secret, and questions left unanswered.

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