OlliOlli grinds onto PlayStation 4, PC, and other platforms this summer

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OlliOlli grinds onto PlayStation 4, PC, and other platforms this summer
Rather than face plant after botching a gnarly kickflip, OlliOlli will stick the landing when it jumps from PS Vita to new platforms this summer. Roll7's pixelated skateboarding game will appear on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 as well as Mac, Linux, and PC via Steam.

"The PS Vita was where Sony's big Indie push was in 2013, so that's what they funded," Roll7's Simon Bennet told Joystiq about the game's debut as a Vita exclusive. "We are hyped about playing it on a Dualshock though, it really feels more tactile when going for more complicated tricks!"

OlliOlli made limited but impactful use of Vita's specific features, particularly the touch screen for navigation. According to Bennet, the transition from Vita to controllers has been smooth. He even teased a new feature. "There will be one major change which the fans will like. Touch Screen works just as well with controller input, so we see no major issues [in the transition.]"

Bennet's studio is not making these ports. BlitWorks, the crew behind numerous ports like the PS Vita version of Spelunky, is working on the PlayStation 4 and PS3 versions of OlliOlli. Devolver Digital, the publisher behind Hotline Miami, is working on the Steam version. Roll7 isn't resting on its laurels, though. The studio is still trying to fix a game-crashing bug that's affected the PS Vita version, and plans to patch in that fix with a larger update soon.

OlliOlli released on PS Vita in January and was warmly received by critics, receiving a 4-star review from Joystiq.
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Slam on your FLIPPIN' Face! OlliOlli™ is landing on PS4 and PS3...
...and PC, Mac and Linux!

Press Release
After the critical and commercial success of OlliOlli on PlayStation VITA, Roll7 is rolling the game onto PS4, PS3, PC, Mac and Linux in Summer 2014.

With Spanish powerhouse BlitWorks curating the PlayStation port, OlliOlli will feel totally at home on the Dualshock™ controllers whilst deviant arcade curators Devolver Digital will be switch-stancin' the game to PC, Mac and Linux

Simon Bennett, Director at Roll7 is confident about progress; "We already have a first playable up and running on the PS4, it's like our little OlliOlli grew up and got some balls! Really feels amazing on the Dualshock™ too...'

OlliOlli will remain a Vita exclusive until summer 2014 and Roll7, with the help of BlitWorks is very close to getting the crash bug fixed. When the patch is released we'll bundle in a nice little update that should put a smile on people's faces.

The small South London team has been overwhelmed by the success of the title, which just after release reached number 4 in the SCEE VITA charts, Roll7's John Ribbins is just happy to see loads of people enjoying the game 'watching tens of thousands of gamers on the Daily Grind every day and seeing the massive scores people are racking up gives me a nice fuzzy warm feeling!'

If you are UK based and fancy getting your hands on OlliOlli then you'll find us at Rezzed, Birmingham (28th-30th March) Feel free to hit up Simon if you want to book an appointment.

If you're not UK based and fancy seeing Tom hit himself in the face with his keyboard then do check out our OlliOlli Dev video here

For Screenshots and Logos please click here

For more information on PS4 and PS3 Ports please contact Simon Bennett

0044 (0)7886914887

For more information on the PC, Mac and Linux Ports please contact Stephanie Schopp


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