HTC's new One will also come as a minimalist Google Play Edition

With HTC's big launch looming later today, some apps for the new One handset have started dropping prematurely on the Google Play Store. One of those apps, HTC Gallery, is especially interesting because its accompanying text confirms that, aside from the regular phone, there'll also be the option of a clutter-free Google Play Edition. It looks like this edition will be available soon, perhaps coinciding with the main launch, without the lag we saw with the Google-fied version of the old One. Whenever it arrives, those who opt for this edition will get prompt Android updates while also being free to pick and choose from HTC's software offerings, including Blinkfeed (the company's news-focused homepage), Sense TV (the TV remote app) and presumably at least one photography app that can take advantage of the new model's rumored selling point: a depth-sensing camera. Stay tuned at our liveblog at 11am ET (8am PT, 3pm UK) for all the official news and pricing.