This PowerGlove stays in the kitchen, not with your NES (video)

We've seen the PowerGlove pop up in a few different places before, but until now the focus hasn't strayed far from gaming. To wit, the Power Mitt wants to make your trips to the kitchen awesome in the way that only a heat-resistant-rubber oven mitt shaped like Mattel's wearable peripheral ever could. Unless the one-size-fits-most baking accessory hits its Indiegogo campaign's 450-backer target, however, that won't happen. One right-handed glove will set you back $39 (larger and leftie flavors are stretch goals), and there's a $20 discount if you order two. Let's say you want to get crazy, though: cough up a whopping $10,000 and you'll get a one-of-a-kind gold-plated version of the Power Mitt. Sure, you'll lose heat resistance, but the flip-side is gaining a boatload of geek cred -- isn't that what matters most?