Engadget Podcast 390 - 3.28.14

It helps if you're born Luckey, but if you also work hard at building Oculus Rift, the rewards are apparently somewhere in the ballpark of $2 billion dollars. Not Dr. Evil levels, to be sure, but you could certainly equip a school of dolphins with lasers, or buy a ton of dogecoins. If you haven't guessed, Joseph and Ben focus on Facebook's recent announcement to purchase Oculus VR. Terrence is on hand, but seems to be resting his eyes and mumbling something about sheep. In contrast, Ben is feeling well rested, although he has spent most of his vacation playing learning how to play Dark Souls 2. While he displays the smug smile of someone who's finally cracked that nut, Joseph pilots the podcast through a series of bizarre dream sequences. Oh, and if you want to get up to speed on the week in tech news, you've come to the right place for that, too. As for details about accelerated custard, we can't help you there, but everything else you need to know is down below at the Engadget Podcast streaming links. You're welcome.

Hosts: Terrence O'Brien, Joseph Volpe, Ben Gilbert

Producer: Jon Turi

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05:24 - Facebook is buying Oculus VR for $2 billion, plans to 'unlock new worlds for all of us'
07:41 - Palmer Luckey says Oculus' future 'just became crystal clear,' but Facebook's impact is still murky
38:12 - Notch cancels Minecraft for Oculus Rift, but other developers still have interest
40:11 - Can Oculus survive the Facebook effect?
48:10 - The new HTC One review: a great phone, even if no longer a game-changer

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