Sega splits Index Corporation, Atlus debuts new logo

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Earnest Cavalli
April 1st, 2014
Sega splits Index Corporation, Atlus debuts new logo
In February we reported on a plan by Sega to split its newly acquired Index Corporation into a business wing and a wing focused on developing games. Today, that division is official.

As of this morning, the old Index Corporation no longer exists. In its place stand two divisions of Sega: Atlus, which develops the same sort of quirky role-playing games (like Persona) that made its namesake an attractive acquisition for Sega in the first place, and Index, which will handle the minutiae of advertising and business operations for the former division. Former Sega managing director Yukio Sugino has been tapped to lead Atlus, while former Index executive vice president Yasuhiko Hamada will lead that segment of the company.

Along with the new structural change, Atlus has adopted a new logo, which can be seen above this text. It's quite similar to the old design, though each letter is now thinner and the overall color scheme is less impactful.
[Image: Sega]
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