Minicore heeding feedback for The Sun at Night sequel The Sky Below

Minicore Studios is roughly 30 percent of the way through The Sky Below, a sequel to The Sun at Night and the second installment in The Stray series. The Sky Below again stars Laika, the robot space dog with a big (and probably mechanical) heart, and it takes place directly after the ending of The Sun at Night. Minicore is taking into account feedback from players of The Sun at Night.

Tweaks to The Sky Below include the addition of three Laika Support Suits, one defensive, offensive and utility. Each suit has a specific weapon and passive ability boots, and they all build upon existing skill trees. The map will be streamlined into a 2D design, and the art will be ramped up in a way that makes it clear which areas are platforms and which aren't.

The Sky Below is due out in October 2014 for PC, Mac and Linux, and the team is looking at PS4, Vita and Wii U.

[Image: Minicore Studios]