GoPro's new Blackout housing is ideal for shooting those covert operations

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James Trew
April 3rd, 2014
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GoPro's new Blackout housing is ideal for shooting those covert operations

Still mounting your GoPro on a helmet? Get with the times. There's like, a zillion other ways to mount that thing. Your choice is getting even bigger, too, as the action-cam behemoth has just announced a new "Blackout" housing ($49). As the name suggests, this is all about stealth filming. The dark, matte-finish case not only hides the shiny silver camera, but it also conceals all the LEDs, making it ideal for situations where lights or reflections can ruin a shot (such as startling wildlife). Bonus: It's also waterproof to over 130 feet. If you prefer to show your GoPro off in all its glory, then maybe the updated "Frame" housing is your thing ($39). As before, it's a minimal frame-like housing, but with the ports exposed for easier access. A new latch mechanism also makes it easier to lock in and release the camera. Lastly, remember that funky dual-case that allowed two Hero HD cameras to be combined for 3D footage? Well, a new version of that is incoming too, updated for the Hero 3 and Hero 3+ models. No price and date on that, but hopefully you'll have enough time to save up for a second camera to go along with it.

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