Over 200 NSA documents collected and made searchable, from Snowden to Prism

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When Edward Snowden made a name for himself last June by leaking classified NSA information, he did so by working with The Guardian and a documentary filmmaker. As such, the public learned of much of the NSA's surveillance measures through the medium of a single media outlet. In the ensuing months, much more has come to light, and today the American Civil Liberties Union is unveiling "NSA Documents Database," a searchable, categorized database of just over 200 previously classified NSA documents.

That includes everything from the initial Snowden leaks through Mystic (and more). The collection comprises "all of the documents released since [June 5, 2013], both by the media and the government," and the ACLU promises more documents will be added as they become available. In so many words, if you're looking to dig in and bone up on the current government surveillance debate, this is gonna be your jam.

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