iBeacon tech at Coachella and other news for April 9, 2014

Coachella app for iPhone

Here's your AM roundup of Apple news. This time around it's Apple vs. Samsung (again), iBeacon goes to Coachella and improving Apple Maps.

Apple has laid out its claim against Samsung, and it's a whopper. The Cupertino company is after US$2.2 billion in damages. The President of Quantitative Economic Solutions, who is working on the case on Apple's behalf, noted that Apple suffered particular damage because Samsung was able to pick up first-time buyers, who are often loyal to their chosen companies.

iBeacon tech to be featured at Coachella. The popular music festival is the latest on a growing number of high-profile venues to adopt the young technology. The official 2014 iOS app features iBeacon support, and the event's official website says, "Use Bluetooth to interact with beacons placed around the grounds." If you attend the show, check it out.

Get notified of resolved errors in Apple Maps. MacRumors has noticed that, when you report a problem in Apple Maps, you can now opt to receive a text message from Apple when that issue has been resolved. That's pretty thoughtful and helps users feel like their input is actually affecting change.