Daily App: 15 Coins challenges you to collect coins while being chased by clones

15 coins

Thanks in part to the success of Flappy Bird, minimal arcade games with high difficulty are all the rage right now. One new addition to this category of games is 15 Coins from Engaging Games.

You guide a ship in space, collecting coins and avoiding collisions with clones of your ship. The game challenges you to collect 15 Coins before you are killed by your clones, which increase in number. It sounds easy, but it can be surprisingly difficult if you play beyond the easy mode.

15 coins

To make things easier, the game includes "freeze blocks" that temporarily freeze your clones, allowing you to obliterate them while they are at a stand still. Do it quickly as they will jump back to life without warning. With a reasonable amount of skill and the prudent use of freeze, you can beat 15 Coins in about 30 minutes.

The app uses minimal graphics that are flat and blocky. It supports the use tilt or touch controls to control your ship, which work well in the easy levels, but are a bit jerky and not precise enough in the faster levels.

15 Coins is easy to play, a challenge to beat, but once you get the hang of it, you can finish it off in less than 30 minutes. It's fine for the casual gamer who wants something new to play, but doesn't want to play a title for the long haul as there is not a lot of depth to the game.

15 Coins is available in the iOS App store for US$1.99. It is designed for both the iPhone and iPad.