Inside Samsung's new London 'Experience' store

A few minutes walk from the hub of Oxford Circus, Samsung's new Experience store in the heart of London is nothing if not underwhelming on approach. Tucked away under scaffolding and hoarding, and flanked by roadworks on one side and Clarks on the other, it wasn't quite what we expected from what's presumably regarded as Samsung's new flagship retail location. Inside, however, the Carphone Warehouse-run store is pretty much how you'd imagine it -- a roomy, if not sparse space with a number of white tables for displaying tablets, phones and other hardware. Mid-morning footfall was light, which the few staff on duty likely appreciated. Nevertheless, they appeared to have impressive product knowledge, and yet whatever character they added to the place, it still felt somewhat sterile. At least they have a seating area for disinterested and weary shopping companions, though.