The Crew's five swappable classes, er, specs

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|04.10.14

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The Crew's five swappable classes, er, specs
The Crew
What you call "classes" in other MMOs, The Crew calls "specs." There are five of them and they are swappable on the fly, offering the player control over his or her racing destiny.

A new official blog post today details these five specs. Street specs are versatile jack-of-all-trade cars, Dirt specs are great for off-roading, Perf specs sacrifice maneuverability for speed, Raid specs are terrific for exploring rough environments, and Circuit specs are built for top-notch technical racing.

If a player has not attained a certain spec yet and a mission requires it, the game will provide a loaner for the duration of the mission.
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