Samsung beaten to the punch on next-gen mobile screens

While Samsung said in January that it's hard at work on a QHD (that's 2,560 x 1,440) AMOLED panel, it won't be the first to show one off. That honor goes to AU Optronics, a Taiwanese display company that makes screens for numerous device manufacturers, Samsung included. The 5.7-inch display squeezes in 513 pixels-per-inch, the most of any organic panel yet. Of course, there are already quite a number of QHD LCDs on the market, like the one found in Vivo's Xplay 3 and a 543ppi model from LG. AU said it also has a 6-inch QHD AMOLED coming, and Samsung will no doubt announce something similar soon -- possibly for the next Galaxy Note model. Either way, prepare more smartphones with pixels so densely packed that you can't distinguish them with the naked eye.