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Where to buy Samsung's Galaxy S5

Where to buy Samsung's Galaxy S5
Jamie Rigg
Jamie Rigg|@jmerigg|April 11, 2014 6:30 AM

As some of you will probably know, today marks the global launch of Samsung's Galaxy S5 and wearable Gear range. And, as is the case with nearly all flagship phones, everyone wants a piece of the action. The GS5 is no different, so with high demand expected, it's up to mobile networks and retailers to make sure your new handset goes through their checkout. There's a ton of different talk, text and data allowance combinations available, but what better metric to start at than price? Head past the break for a table outlining where you can hunt down a GS5, and at what cost -- one spreadsheet you hopefully won't mind looking at on a Friday.

Three O2 EE

Vodafone (4G)

Vodafone (3G only)

Carphone Warehouse Phones 4U
Cheapest contract (with upfront) £38 (£29) £13 (£650) £14 (£430) £47 (£19) £34 (£169) £28 (£129) £29 (£199)
Cheapest contract (no upfront) -- £43 -- £52 £47 £42 £42
Pay-as-you-go £549 "Coming soon" £500 -- -- -- £560
Unlocked (SIM-free) -- -- -- -- -- £570 £570

It's not just the main mobile players that have the GS5 on offer, by the way, as MVNO's Virgin Mobile, Tesco Mobile, giffgaff and the like are in on the action, too. And, what's with O2 trying to charge a £650 upfront for a phone that's £570 unlocked at most vendors, with online retailers like Expansys, Unlocked Mobiles and Clove charging as little as £522 (when stock arrives, that is)? The S5 is available through Samsung's own stores at £570, too, with the Gear 2 on offer for £300, and Neo or Fit for £170.

Where to buy Samsung's Galaxy S5