OlliOlli eyes up JulyJuly for jumps onto PlayStation consoles, PC

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OlliOlli eyes up JulyJuly for jumps onto PlayStation consoles, PC
Roll7 says the plan is to kickflip OlliOlli onto PS3, PS4, and Steam in mid-July, bringing the Vita 2D skateboarder to other platforms for the first time. Speaking to Den of Geek, Roll7 Director Simon Bennett said "We are looking at July 22nd, [which is] my birthday!"

The ports aren't in development at Roll7, with Spelunky Vita porter BlitWorks grinding out the PS4 and PS3 versions, and Devolver Digital on board for the Steam transitions to PC, Mac and Linux. As for Roll7 it's busy with 2D (or 2-and-a-quarter D...) pixelated cover-based shooter Not a Hero. Expected in late 2014, the PC game stars a mayor-in-the-making from the future called BunnyLord who tasks players with cleaning up crime in election season by going on a murderous rampage. So it's not much like OlliOlli.

As long as it's as good as OlliOlli, we'll take all the BunnyLords Roll7 can throw at us. We gave the Vita game four stars in our review, deeming it "easy to pick up, with enough depth to warrant getting back up on your board whenever you tumble down the stairs."
[Image: Roll7]
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