This is how Samsung thinks about design

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Samsung said it would launch a website that showed off its design chops, and it's delivering as promised. The newly launched Make it Meaningful page dives into the inspirations behind the Korean company's products, complete with an abundance of giant artwork, marketing speak and promo videos. It's not just breathless prose about "timeless" TVs (the S9) and "sharply refined details" (the Galaxy S 4), though. The tech giant also addresses the more pragmatic concerns behind certain products -- Samsung notes that it built one washing machine just for India, where humidity and limited electricity rule out conventional appliances.

The site isn't limited to discussing individual gadgets. Samsung is eager to talk about its artistic collaborations and design events, and you can get a better sense of its overall design philosophy. There isn't a lot of content to look at just yet, and the odds aren't great that you'll get many pre-release revelations. Nonetheless, the site is worth exploring to better understand the motivations of what's arguably the world's most influential technology company.
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