MG's Dynamo concept is its first fully electric car

Matt Brian
M. Brian|04.17.14

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MG is celebrating its 90th year in the car-making business, so to mark the occasion, it's decided to take the wrappings off its first ever fully electric vehicle. Created at parent company SAIC's European Design and Technical Centre (SMTC), the MG Dynamo concept won't be found on Britain's streets just yet (the model you see above is actually classed as a "static preview") because it solely exists to help the once-struggling automaker gauge Europe's demand for a small, electric EV. That said, MG says the Dynamo is capable of generating 70hp of power and can be charged to 80 percent battery capacity in just 30 minutes (a full six hour charge offers a range of around 50 miles). With Mayor Boris Johnson campaigning to get 100,000 EVs on London's streets, MG may one day take its place alongside Renault, Nissan and Volkswagen with its own little city car.

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