Skitch makes sharing annotated pics easier for iPhone and iPad

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Mariella Moon
April 18th, 2014
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Skitch makes sharing annotated pics easier for iPhone and iPad

Skitch's share screen for iOS just got a makeover, making it easier to send out and save your annotated, doodle-filled masterpieces. The latest iOS update now shows a preview of your image on the Share screen, where you can type in and attach a caption to the bottom of the photo, as well. On the same screen, simply swipe left to send a pic to friends or co-workers attending a meeting you've listed, or swipe right to save modified images. Once you're done uploading, the updated app will now show a confirmation screen, which comes with options to edit and share the same image again or annotate a brand new pic. As a nice plus, a "Frequents" section will appear to speed things up once you've performed the same action several times.

Other than the shared screen overhaul, the updated app now also forms paragraphs when you resize the text box and comes with the option to buy PDF Annotation even if you're not a premium user. You can get these and a few more changes by updating the Skitch app for iPhone and iPad, or by downloading it from iTunes.

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