A Siri-controlled Apple TV may be on the way

Soon you might be able to simply ask your Apple TV to start playing 'House of Cards' rather than fumbling through a series menus. Code found in iOS 7.1's software development kit indicates that Siri is one its way to a new device, likely Apple's set-top box. In the operating system's documentation, the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad are represented by "1" and "2." The most recent files also include a new device indicated by a "3." For our non-developer friends following along at home, that means the digital assistant is headed to a different product. While the 3 could potentially represent something entirely new (like the fabled iWatch), Apple has previously used the number to represent its TV product in code. It's also currently being used in several iOS-based Apple TV apps.

We first heard about a Siri-enabled television several years ago in Walter Isaacson's biography of ' Steve Jobs. In the book, the Apple cofounder says he's "finally cracked" the television by creating a voice-controlled remote -- a dream that as of yet hasn't become a reality. Apple's current TV product (which is rumored to be getting an upgrade soon) doesn't have a built-in microphone. If Siri is coming, she'll have to bring a new box with her, or at the very least, a new remote with voice input à la Amazon's new Fire TV. We suspect all mysteries will be revealed in early June at Apple's annual developer conference, WWDC. Until then, we'll keep yelling commands at our TV and hope it gets the idea.