Amazon now has a dedicated wearables store

Looking for something to replace that faltering Fuelband? Amazon wants you to know it has your back: the online retailer just opened a dedicated wearables portal, filtering all of its smartwatches, fitness trackers and human-mounted camera rigs to one place. It looks like little more than a featured-product splash page, but there's a more going on under the surface. The Amazon Wearables Technology store has an editor's corner (with commentary from Gizmodo), brand and product specific description pages, but we found landing page's "learning center" its most interesting feature. This section is essentially a crash-course in wearable devices, featuring half a dozen videos and several buyers guide's -- all designed to give Amazon's less gadget-obsessed buyers a reason to shop for wearables. It's hardly an in-depth study on smartwatches, but if you're absolutely mystified by the category, it's a start.