Ultra Street Fighter 4 adds fight requests to training mode

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 adds fight requests to training mode
In one of the more welcome additions to the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter 4, Capcom is allowing players within the game's training mode to receive requests for online combat.

Longtime Street Fighter 4 fans will remember the series' fight requests system as one of the best, most rapid means of finding an online foe, but prior to Ultra Street Fighter 4 the request system was only available during singleplayer arcade mode sessions. Now, instead of being shunted into and out of arcade mode every time an online fight pops up, players can simply return to the virtual dojo to hone their skills in preparation for the next fight request.

Alongside the new fight request feature, Capcom has also revealed the Offline Battle Log, which will allow players to record offline versus mode battles, either for personal reference or to share with the world via Ultra Street Fighter 4's option to upload match footage to YouTube. As Capcom points out, this should make tournament coverage even easier as organizers are able to archive and display every match, even those not initially captured by traditional streaming devices.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 is slated to debut in June.
[Image: Capcom]
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