Microsoft's Innovation Center to school citizens on technology, help startups in Miami


Miami is going to get a whole lot geekier if Microsoft has its way. The software giant has recently announced plans to open its first US-based Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) in the sexy city later this spring, with more stateside locations to follow. The Miami MIC will focus on four different audiences: academia, the local Latin American community, government and start-ups, and it's said that each group will benefit in its own way. Students, for example, will have a place to net specialized training and pick up valuable tech-related job skills. Will Smith's favorite burg will also serve as a part of Microsoft's CityNext program, which uses locals to create "healthier, safer and more sustainable" places to live. Only time will tell if the siren song of South Beach will have an adverse effect on any of the above, though.

[Image credit: Shutterstock]