Captive Minecraft world puts baby in a corner

Updated ·1 min read

YouTube video production team The Farlanders created a special save file for the PC version of Minecraft that offers a new, more claustrophobic spin on the blocky survival game. Called "Captive Minecraft," the modified game spawns players into an enclosed 1x1 block in the game's world, which expands as players earn achievements for activities such as looking at their inventory, gathering wood from trees or building items like workbenches and furnaces.

The Farlanders launched beta version 1.3 of Captive Minecraft this morning, which adds more gold ore to the world and relies less on the Nether regions to earn sugar cane and the "Into Fire" achievement. To install Captive Minecraft, players simply need to download the world save from the spin-off's site. It requires version 1.8, snapshot 14w18b or later of Minecraft.

[Image: The Farlanders]