Don't go to North Korea, but do check out this travel app

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Don't go to North Korea, but do check out this travel app

When we think of the places we'd rather not go, a Whole Foods on a Tuesday night before Thanksgiving or your great-grandparents' windowless basement apartment come to mind. And then there's also North Korea, bastion of human rights violations and the favored destination of one Dennis Rodman. If, for some reason, you've always wanted to plan your own trip to the "most secretive nation" in the world, but felt it was too complicated, well, now there's a 99-cent app for that. Yeah. But it doesn't come from the genius minds of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's propagandists. It hails from Uniquely.Travel, a London-based startup specializing in trips to difficult destinations and Magora Systems, a Russian software maker.

The app appears well-designed enough, with over 350 points of interest, slick menus, hi-res imagery and even recommendations from a tour guide with 10 years of experience traveling in the land that time (and justice forgot). The sights are helpfully mapped out and available for offline access should you need a handy reference while casually strolling through Pyongyang looking for that hot new Tapas bar. And the intrepid among you can even use it to customize your itineraries, compare price quotes from different travel agencies and book travel.

But, really, why would you?

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