Lyft's new premium service hauls you around in high-tech style

Lyft Plus SUV

So you're out on the town with five of your best buddies, and you want a posh ride to the next party without paying a premium for Uber SUV or a limo. Are you stuck? Not after today -- Lyft has unveiled Plus, a high-end service which promises luxuriant ridesharing that won't hit your bank account quite so hard. Choose the new tier and a customized Ford Explorer will show up with room for six and one of the company's better-rated drivers. It's a technology haven on the inside, to boot. You get power outlets to recharge your gadgets, and drivers have Spotify Premium access to handle your song requests.

A pilot rollout is starting today in San Francisco, with fares costing twice as much as run-of-the-mill Lyft rides. However, Plus should be a relative bargain if you're already planning to splurge: the company claims that its new service costs 40 percent less than Uber SUV, and 20 percent less than ordinary Uber Black. It's still going to be overkill if all you need is a quick jaunt downtown, but it may be affordable enough to justify treating yourself every now and then.