Rumors say AT&T is close to a $50 billion deal for DirecTV, unless it isn't

An AT&T Store Ahead Of Earnings Figures

It's been a couple of weeks since rumors that AT&T is going to purchase DirecTV popped up, so how about another look? Today Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal are reporting that the usual "people familiar with the matter" say a deal could happen in the next two weeks, just days after news leaked that DirecTV is working with Goldman Sachs as it prepares for a possible sale. If it goes down, the price of $100 per share apparently being discussed would push the total to more than $50 billion, and Bloomberg claims DirecTV would continue to operate as a unit of AT&T, with its CEO retiring next year. The latter points out that discussions have fallen apart over pricing before and could again, so while we're not putting it on the board next to Comcast-Time Warner Cable just yet, we are making room.

[Image source: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images]