Toys For Bob turns 25, giving away 25 rare Skylanders figures

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Toys For Bob turns 25, giving away 25 rare Skylanders figures
Toys For Bob, the company behind the Skylanders series of video games, has marked its 25th anniversary, and to celebrate, the company announced via Twitter that it is giving away 25 rare Skylanders figures. To enter the sweepstakes, participants need to first follow the Skylanders Twitter account, which will tweet a call to action every day until May 24. Those seeking a chance to win have until 11:59 Pacific to retweet that day's call to action and include the hashtag #TFB25.

It's not clear which Skylanders figures Toys For Bob is offering as part of the sweepstakes - the official rules don't name any particular figures, and it's unknown if the company would give away figures from Skylanders: Swap Force, since they didn't develop that particular Skylanders game.

Still, some toys are better than no toys, and you don't even need to be named Bob to get them. Might not hurt your chances, though.
[Image: Activision]
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