Feedback Loop: Warming up to ads, killing tablets and more!

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Feedback Loop: Warming up to ads, killing tablets and more!

In this week's edition of Feedback Loop, we take a look at the possibility of Google bringing ads to home appliances, discuss whether Microsoft is trying to kill the tablet, as well as the reasoning behind Nintendo pulling the plug on its Wi-Fi Connection and older online gaming services. Add to that our impressions of Steam's new streaming service, troubleshooting a weak home network connection and a whole lot more. Join us below.

Will Google be bringing ads to your home appliances?

A recent filing with the SEC seemed to imply that Google is thinking about new ways to deliver ads into our homes. The thought of ads suddenly appearing on my Nest thermostat creeps me out. Am I wrong to feel like that? How would you feel about ads suddenly appearing on everything from refrigerators, to microwaves to ovens?

Is Microsoft trying to kill the tablet?

The Surface Pro 3 is here. Microsoft's keynote repeatedly compared the new tablet to Apple's MacBook Air. This made cjtylr wonder if Microsoft is trying to change how we think of tablets in order to better compete with its rivals.

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection goes dark

Nintendo pulled the plug on their Wi-Fi Connection service which provided online features to a number of games on the Nintendo DS and Wii. For those of you who were playing things like Mario Kart right up until the end, what are you doing to cope?

Impressions of Steam's In-Home Streaming

For those longing to play their massive gaming libraries on other machines, Steam finally announced that its In-Home Streaming service is now available for public consumption. Over in the Engadget Forums, a few of us took it for a drive. Have your played with it yet? Tell us what you think!

Improving a home network

Happy WiFi, happy life. Maybe that's not exactly how it goes, but the sentiment is all the same! A slow home network with spotty coverage can grate -- a lot. Frank shares his own frustrations with his home network and is wondering what he can do to improve it. Share what you've done to improve the reliability and connection speeds in your own home.

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