Austin, get ready... Engadget Live is coming!

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Austin, get ready... Engadget Live is coming!

We've heard that it's going to be hot in Austin on June 20th. Sure, one could say that's just a typical June day in Austin, but we'd like to think it's because we're coming to town. Our Engadget Live series kicks off at 7PM at the famous Austin Music Hall.

Previously, we announced that attendees can expect to see Chaotic Moon, Re3D, Charmed Labs, Techjango and Zero Motorcycles. But that can't be all, right?

No, there's much more. First off, have you heard about Vapshot? It's a machine that instantly vaporizes alcohol to then serve up as a shot or a mixed drink. Though we don't recommend combining that with something you'd smoke from a vaporizer.

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TiVo, the folks behind the Roamio Pro, will give you the opportunity to see why its DVRs are far better for you than a crappy cable company-issued one. Optical Cables by Corning (the same people who probably made the glass on your phone) will show off its superior Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 cables.

You'll also get to meet our newly minted editor-in-chief, Michael Gorman, as well as more great folks from the Engadget team. Sound good? Go get your tickets right here.

Not in Austin? Join us in Seattle, Boston or Los Angeles later this year, or in New York for Engadget Expand. If you'd like to volunteer to help us put on the show in Austin or any other event we've got going on, shoot us an email at volunteer[at] for details.

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