WWDC 2014: HealthKit unveiled as a major part of iOS 8

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John-Michael Bond
June 2, 2014 6:50 PM
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WWDC 2014: HealthKit unveiled as a major part of iOS 8

Apple introduced its much anticipated health app service today at WWDC. The service, named HealthKit, creates a single place on your device where apps can send your health information. Rather than have each app collect these details on your own they can now all draw from one well. You'll be able to read your health statistics via the new Health app. With Health you can monitor all of your health metrics from your weight to blood pressure to calories burned per-day.

You can also use 3rd party apps like Nike+. Thanks to privacy controls you can choose to give as much or as little information from HealthKit to the apps you use. Apple is also working with the Mayo Clinic to create a ground breaking patient/doctor information service. With the HealthKit when something like a patient's blood pressure is taken the reading can be sent directly to your HealthKit app. Your device will then tell the doctor if your reading is inline with your normal blood pressure. Of all the HealthKit news we've heard about at WWDC this is potentially the most exciting. The Mayo Clinic's CEO Dr. John H. Noseworthy provided the following comment for the WWDC presentation.

"We believe Apple's HealthKit will revolutionize how the health industry interacts with people. We are proud to be a the forefront of this innovative technology with the Mayo Clinic app."

Beyond their collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, Apple is also working with leaders in health care apps like Epic Systems to allow similar integration with major hospitals. This will make it easier for users to share important information with their doctors seamlessly.

The demonstration didn't go into how exactly Apple is planning on getting all of these readings and statistics, but we will update you as soon as that information becomes available.

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