Joystiq Streams: Turkeys will pay in Don't Starve Reign of Giants [UPDATE: Relive the stream!]

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That turkey is still out there. Oh, I know he's still out there. Gobbling. Laughing at me in the dark as I struggle to build a fire and actually feed myself on Day 3. To hell with you, turkey! We're coming back in there, giants or no giants, and we will not starve!

Joystiq's last stream of Don't Starve left a bit of a mark. Today will be different! We'll be streaming Klei Entertainment's recent expansion to Don't Starve, Reign of Giants, and it will be Alexander Sliwinski surviving out in the woods rather than Anthony John Agnello. Anthony will merely be hanging out in the safe, turkey-free chat. It's not just the Joystiq crew either! Klei Entertainment's own Seth Rosen will be on the line as well. We'll also be doling out Humble Bundle grab bags including Steam codes for Reign of Giants and a plethora of other goodies. It all goes down at 4PM EST right here on Joystiq and at

Joystiq Streams broadcasts every Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM EST right here and on the Joystiq Twitch channel.
[Images: Klei Entertainment]
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