Edyn's smart gardening system gives your plants exactly what they need

Edyn smart garden system

Smart home gardening devices frequently tell you that your plants need a little TLC, but they don't always deliver it; you frequently have to bring out a hose or watering can. If Edyn successfully funds its smart garden system, you may not have to trudge out to the backyard quite so often. The core is a WiFi-connected sensor that detects both the soil quality and ambient conditions, cross-checking those against your choice of greenery. If the sensor decides that your plants need some hydration, Edyn's iOS app automatically tells an optional smart valve to deliver just the right amount of water-- yes, you can be waste-free and lazy. Both the sensor and valve combine solar power with lithium-ion batteries, so you don't have to worry about watering on cloudy days.

Should you be enamored with the concept, you can pledge $79 to get the sensor alone ($99 if you're not an early backer) or $159 for both the sensor and its valve companion. You can also spend $175 for a buy one/give one offer that donates a sensor to a school garden, while $275 will do the same for a sensor-and-valve combo. Edyn won't necessarily give you a green thumb, but it could be just the ticket if you can't always be around to care for your horticultural projects.