Engadget Daily: LG G3 review, Xbox One performance and more!

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Engadget Daily: LG G3 review, Xbox One performance and more!

Today, we review LG's latest handset, gain insight into how significantly the Kinect affects the Xbox One's performance, go hands-on with Google's secretive 3D-mapping tablet and learned about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. Read on for Engadget's news highlights from the last 24 hours.

LG G3 review: the company's best phone yet

The G3 may only look like it's made of metal, but we're not holding any grudges. LG's 5.5-inch handset has 10-hour battery life and top-shelf specs, not to mention the nicest display on the market. Assuming it's not too pricey, the G3 could be one of the best Android phones available.

Microsoft admits the Xbox One performs better without Kinect features

Despite the fact that the One's Kinect has its own onboard processor, it apparently does weigh the console down to some degree. Thanks to the June update, however, developers can access "up to 10 percent additional GPU performance by re-allocating a few resources.

Google's secretive 3D-mapping project now has a tablet: here it is

Remember Google's sensor-loaded, 3D-mapping smartphone called Project Tango? Well, today we went hands-on with its new tablet counterpart. And yes, the slate is also replete with sensors and high-spec cameras.

Barnes & Noble teams up with Samsung for its newest Nook tablet

We knew that Barnes & Noble was working with someone else to develop future Nook devices, we just didn't know who. But today, the company announced that it partnered with none other than Samsung to develop the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, which will launch in August.

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