Mad Catz Ultra Street Fighter 4 stick to feature PS3/PS4 toggle

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Mad Catz Ultra Street Fighter 4 stick to feature PS3/PS4 toggle
You'd expect an Ultra Street Fighter 4 arcade stick to support the PlayStation 3 - the game debuted there yesterday - yet Mad Catz's latest peripheral also features seemingly inexplicable support for the PlayStation 4.

Once this news emerged, fans were quick to assume that this feature stands as a guarantee that Ultra Street Fighter 4 will soon appear on the PlayStation 4, though Mad Catz community manager Mark Julio was quick to crush those hopes. "Just because the stick is compatible with PS4 as well, does NOT mean there is PS4 USF4! We just implemented the feature as a benefit!" Julio tweeted. When asked why the similar Ultra Street Fighter 4 stick for the Xbox 360 does not also feature an Xbox One toggle, Julio's response was more succinct: "No USFIV on Xbox One!"

Despite Julio's claims to the contrary, it seems unlikely that Ultra Street Fighter 4 will remain exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Capcom has a long history of issuing Street Fighter sequels to every platform under the sun, and the company needs to create a strong foothold on the new generation of consoles. For a growing segment of the gaming audience, there's no better way to do that than with a new, highly-anticipated Street Fighter entry.
[Image: Mad Catz]
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