PSA: Diablo 3 Auction House closes its doors on June 24

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PSA: Diablo 3 Auction House closes its doors on June 24
The Auction House in Diablo 3 that allowed players to sell items for in-game gold or real-world money will close up shop this week, Blizzard has reminded us. While the option to bid on, buyout or list new auctions was disabled back on March 18, players still have until June 24 to retrieve any items or gold still lingering in the "Completed" tab.

In other words, if you sold or bought an item via the Auction House before March 18 but still haven't picked it up or collected your payment, this is your last chance to do so. On June 24, any gold or items left will be sacrificed and banished to the ether.

The removal of the Auction House has been a long time coming; it was a controversial addition to the game when it released in 2012, and the game's director admitted that its implementation "really hurt" the overall design of Diablo 3.
[Image: Blizzard]
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