Das Tal secures additional funding, releases summary vid

Fairytale Distillery has announced that its Das Tal PvP sandbox MMO has received a $130,000 funding infusion that will speed up development.

"A basic playable build will be available for public testing in July," the firm says via press release, and new alpha testers will be added to the current pool. If you want to be part of the game's testing process, you can sign up on the newly redesigned website.

Finally, the dev team has a released a new video that summarizes what Das Tal has on offer. View it in full, along with the press release, after the cut.

[Source: Fairytale Distillery press release]

PvP Sandbox MMO 'Das Tal' Secures $130,000 to Fund Early Development – First Alpha Test Set for July

Fairytale Distillery, creators of the PvP Sandox MMORPG 'Das Tal', just announced that they have successfully secured €100,000 ($130,000) funding for their early development phase. The money has been granted primarily by the Bavarian Games Fund (FFF Bayern), and is supplemented by a local angel investor. This budget will speed up the development of Das Tal, and give the team the ability to bring in new team members to start work on important areas such as character animation, interface design, skill effects and sound design.

Most importantly, it means a basic playable build will be available for public testing in July. This is the first chance to try out the game since the gameplay prototype tests in 2013, and new testers will be added to the current pool. You can sign up for the alpha tester waiting list over on their web site.

The game web site has been completely re-designed to match the new art style of the game itself. This brings us a host of new concept art posted in their media section and a new developer video that gives us an introduction to the game's core features and what they endeavor to create.

Fairytale Distillery also have set their sights on a July Steam Greenlight submission. That means that fans will be able to show their support on the Greenlight page and help the game become available on Steam Early Access in the near future. Make sure you sign up to their mailing list or follow them on Twitter / Facebook to be alerted when Das Tal takes the leap.

About Das Tal

Das Tal takes place in a fast-paced Sandbox MMORPG environment that focuses on player interaction. Full Loot and Open PvP creates a game of "risk vs. reward" where players weigh up their options before engaging others. Incentives will encourage a variety of playstyles, and players will decide how to interact with those around them. Each world is unique in its feature set and geography - and players pick those features! Time-boxed servers create winners and losers and offers the chance to regularly start anew. A class-less character system allows the shaping of characters to fit a range of playstyles. Fight for resources to craft equipment and construct a settlement, and defend it against enemies. PvP combat is 100% skill-based, frequent and easily encountered. Both small-scale raids and large-scale sieges are available for all players at any time.

About Fairytale Distillery

FD is a small, independent games startup located in Munich, Germany. It has been founded by Alexander Zacherl & Sebastian Dorda who originally met in one of the earliest local game jams. The two then worked together at Zacherl's first Games Studio - Bit Barons - and decided to spin out and bootstrap FD to finally make the game of their dreams: Das Tal. The two are being joined by a distributed team of specialists, with their art department (centered around Art Director Michail Mamaschew) located in Berlin and their Communications HQ (David Wells) in far-away Australia.