TERA's Chinese publisher has a deal for VR headsets

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|06.23.14

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TERA's Chinese publisher has a deal for VR headsets
Now you'll be able to see the subtle curves of every inch of her carapace.  (It is assumed the monster is female.)
Good news for the VR enthusiasts today, or at least the VR enthusiasts who live in China and have a deep-seated desire to hack at some monsters in TERA. The game's Chinese publisher, Kunlun, revealed an agreement being made between the company and Sony to bring the game to the latter's virtual reality headset. The idea is that the headset will allow players to step into the game with what amounts to a full IMAX experience, only with significantly more giant monsters.

Nothing has been said on whether or not this option will be available for players in North America. The Chinese version of the game is planning on its first large-scale open test in August, and there will be unique content for the region, but hopefully that won't include the ability to play the game with a headset strapped over your eyes.
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