Meet Adidas' new smartband: the miCoach Fit Smart

It looks like Adidas is ready to launch a new fitness tracker called the miCoach Fit Smart, judging by leaks at the FCC, LegalForce and retailer Keller Sports. Product shots from the latter show a hybrid of Nike's FuelBand and Adidas' own miCoach Smart Run, with an LED dot display like the FuelBand rather than the Smart Run's color LCD display. However, the Fit Smart does retain a more watch-like profile with a new, quick-locking band of some kind. It'll clearly monitor your heart rate as well, perhaps via infrared with the green sensor pictured on the back of the device. The FCC page shows that it'll pack Bluetooth 4.0 LE, aka Bluetooth Smart, to communicate with your mobile device.

It's also worth noting that Adidas was announced as one of Google Fit's launch partners at I/O 2014 last night, suggesting it will feed data back into Google's open health platform. We can't help but notice the naming similarity as well -- it's the first time Adidas has used "Fit" in a wearable. We'll have to wait for it to arrive officially to learn the rest of the story, but with Nike scaling back on FuelBand development, Adidas looks poised to pounce.