Costco is now selling iPads and iPhones, with a patchy selection

Costco has a rough history with Apple products; the big-box chain sold Apple goods for a while, but pulled them in a huff after it was denied a chance to sell the original iPad. Time must have healed those wounds, then, since the retailer is now selling iPads and iPhones. There are some solid bargains, depending on what you're looking for. The iPhone 5s for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon is selling for $78 on contract, a full $120 lower than the regular sticker; you can also lop $100 off the price of Verizon-ready editions of the iPad Air (now $520) and iPad mini with Retina display ($420).

Good luck tracking down exactly what you want, however. T-Mobile gear is only available through some Costco kiosks, and the only iPhone 5c on tap is a 16GB blue model for AT&T (which, strangely, sells for more than the higher-end 5s). Likewise, you'll have to shop elsewhere if you want a cellular-equipped iPad for AT&T or Sprint. But hey, it's a start -- and if you don't mind getting Apple gear when updated models are likely just a few months away, you'll save some change.