Engadget Japan's #egfes: drone races, robots, dry ice and a Dyson fan

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Engadget Japan's #egfes: drone races, robots, dry ice and a Dyson fan

Just north of Akihabara, Tokyo's tech epicenter, our Japanese colleagues took over an art gallery (and cafe and basement...) for its premier Engadget Fes. As well as the chance to play with Microsoft's newest console and Surface Pro 3 (both still not yet on sale in Japan), there was a surfeit of robots, hobbyist gadgets, toys and 3D printers. Oh and a Google X Lunar Prize-winning drone, which heads to the moon next year. Given the price of flights to Tokyo (and despite the weather: torrential rain), we've pulled together the best bits below.

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  • Giant 3D-printed dinosaur skulls...
  • Making friends
  • Full-size science experiments
  • Surface 3 and Xbox one
  • Japanese culture and a bit of tech
  • Table tennis practice
  • Everybody loves Pepper
  • Softbank's Pepper robot and Dyson
  • Music and old-school tech
  • Meiwa Denki
  • An adorable electric recorder
  • To the moon in 2015
  • Space explorer
  • Plen plays ball
  • The First Annual (?) All-Japan Quadcopter Championship
  • 3D printers, yellow skulls, and your very own statue
  • Otuskare sama deshita!

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