'Dota Dash' turns Valve's MOBA into Mario Kart-inspired racer

Ever find yourself playing a round of Dota 2 and think, "This is pretty alright, but what this game really needs is a kart racer spin-off"? Well lucky you, an enterprising player who goes by the handle "BMD" has created "Dota Dash," a mod that lets you experience what it would be like if Valve's multi-million dollar MOBA were given a blood transfusion from Mario Kart.

The mod keeps the familiar camera angle of the original game, while changing its controls and map to match its new genre. Although it currently lacks the depth and variety of courses and maps that would be seen in a full-fledged racing game, players can nonetheless feel free to cackle maniacally as they drop banana peels and shoot shells at their enemies.

There are several lines of communication through which you can learn more and contact those working on Dota Dash, including a Reddit thread and Steam Community page. If you're ready to skip all that and jump in, check out D2Moddin. Just be sure to record your race so we can witness the birth of a LunaDeath Stare meme.

[Image: BMD/Valve]