Climendo's weather app compares forecasts to deliver the most accurate

Matt Brian
M. Brian|07.09.14

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Matt Brian
July 9, 2014 10:15 PM
Climendo's weather app compares forecasts to deliver the most accurate

Sure, your favorite weather app might look good, but can you really tell how accurate it is? Instead of relying on just one weather source to provide you with an overview of the week's weather, Climendo wants to do things a little differently. It compares and combines data from the most popular and/or accurate providers to give you the most precise forecast possible. On top of that, it'll also match predictions with historic data from professional weather stations, letting you know exactly which provider you can trust.

While the app launched in Sweden last year, it's only now making a break for global success. It's undergone a redesign, displaying a five-day forecast with six-hourly predictions of upcoming weather, which is supplied by 12 providers located in the US and Europe. They include NOAA, (Dark Sky), Weather Underground, Storm and, with more being added all the time. Based on their predictions (drawn from 10,000 weather stations around the world), the app generates an average forecast and calculates a probability rate (fairly uncertain, certain, fairly certain etc). The more readings that are similar, the higher the chances that you'll experience the weather it tells you to plan for.

Currently, the app displays the temperature, the current weather condition and wind speed. However, the team says more detailed statistics will come to the app, breaking the data down so that "farmers, sailors, sun bathers, surfers can dig into what they think is the most important part to keep an eye on." While the new features and design are currently only available to iOS users, the Android and web apps will receive a similar update in the coming weeks. Climendo is $0.99/69p for a limited time and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

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