Feedback Loop: DOS gaming and tech-themed vacations

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In this week's Feedback Loop, we fondly remember the golden age of Sega, recommend technology themed places to visit on a vacation, share tips for getting a good deal when switching carriers and talk about the first DOS games we ever played. Head past the break to talk about all this and more with your fellow Engadget readers.

Forget next-gen consoles: Remember the old days?

Immersive games with open worlds and top-notch graphics are fun and all, but Frank fondly recalls a simpler time, back when Sega was king and they were making some of the best consoles on the market. Head over to the forums and share your own memories of Sega's gaming systems.

Tech-themed vacations

After assembling a few ideas to make the most of a business trip to San Francisco, our very own Kris asks for ideas on tech-themed vacations for gadget lovers. Where would you go?

Switching carriers to find the best deals

Switching carriers is a big old hassle but sometimes we need to do it. Irishdoom recently moved to a new place and is forced to switch from T-Mobile due to lack of coverage. He wants to get the best deal possible from his new potential carrier. What tips should he should keep in mind when shopping around for a new deal?

DOS gaming nostalgia

Growing up, some kids might have had some variation of Atari or Nintendo gaming hardware, but the rest of us weren't so lucky. Instead, we made do with boxy PCs and the DOS command prompt. But you know what? We still had fun. We're sharing some of our earliest DOS gaming memories right here.

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