GameStop explains how it made $724 million selling digital games and add-ons

It turns out that when a GameStop exec opens their mouth, it doesn't have to be controversial after all. Case in point: company president Tony Bartel recently broke down exactly how the brick-and-mortar retailer makes money selling digital goods in its physical stores; a figure to the tune of $724.4 million. Bartel tells GamesBeat that over 70 percent of the season passes for game developer-and-publisher Ubisoft came not from purchases made through each console's respective marketplace like you'd imagine, but through retail stores. What's more, he says that many customers actually like being up-sold (he describes it as "discoverability") on future downloadable content (DLC) packs at the time of pre-order or purchase, and he has the numbers to back it up too -- some 30 percent of all of Watch Dogs' catch-all DLC tickets were bought from his stores. If you notice the store's clerks are a little more pushy than normal when you put a deposit down for Assassin's Creed: Unity, well, now you'll know why.

[Image credit: Moe_/Flickr]