iPhone case defies gravity, sort of

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Mike Wehner
July 18th, 2014
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iPhone case defies gravity, sort of


We've seen extra-grippy iPhone cases before, but Italy's Extraverso has taken that idea a step further -- or perhaps too far, depending on how you look at it. The "case," which isn't as much a case as it is a skin for the rear of the device, is designed to stick to any flat surface, and that includes vertical ones.

At first I thought the idea was pretty pointless, but after considering the potential applications, it could actually be a pretty slick accessory. The skin would prevent you from knocking the device off of a table or countertop thanks to its grippy nature, and then there's the possibility of slapping your iPhone to a wall or window... for whatever reason you might want to do so.

Great for selfies? Sure. But just how much do you trust your phone's life to the suction created by the soft, gel-like rear cover? I can just imagine iPhones meeting their untimely ends thanks to a less-than-adequate grip, which would surely lead to a whole bunch of tears.

Thankfully, the skin -- which runs approximately US$34 from Extraverso's online shop -- also includes a protective bumper. That sounds a little bit less risky, but test at your own risk.

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