Xbox One's next update makes it easier to keep up with friends, and play Blu-ray 3D

A new lower price alone may not have moved the Xbox One past the PS4 on the sales chart, but Microsoft is still keeping up with its quick update cycle. The August update preview is arriving for testers, and one of the areas getting a lot of attention is the friends list. Right on the home screen, gamers will be able to see what their friends have been playing and a Gamerscore leaderboard, and in the activity feed you can finally like or comment on activity. It seemed like an obvious feature for the feed from the beginning, so it's good to see it's here now. Also, after an update to the app it will be able to handle Blu-ray 3D -- something we asked Phil Spencer about, 5,644 of you requested, and something the PS4 still can't do. Check after the break to see what else is changing, plus a video demo of the new features.

Two more tweaks bring features we were used to on Xbox and PlayStation, since you'll be able to purchases games and updates from the website or SmartGlass app and the Xbox One (if it's in standby and set to receive updates) will wake up and download them automatically, and set the system to disable notifications while any video is playing. There's a new low battery notification for your controller, OneGuide support in Brazil, Mexico, Austria and Ireland, and a listing for "last time seen" next to your friend's names in the friends list. That last one is said to have come as a result of feedback -- now that we've got our Blu-ray 3D playback what do you want to see on the list next?