BioShock port syncs Rapture to your iPad and iPhone

Get it? PORT?

[Umm, no, the pun is on "sync." But that's still terrible. - Ed.]

Oh. Anyway, Rapture is an ambitious city wrapped in the ocean but undone by the arrogance of its haughty, genetically naughty citizens. The stunning setting of Irrational's 2007 game, BioShock, along with its moody opening, zap-and-whack combat and notorious plot, is being ported to iOS devices by 2K China – the same team that handled the portable version of Firaxis' tense strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

According to publisher 2K Games, BioShock for iOS is the full first-person shooter (minus any DLC), playable either with on-screen approximations of dual-analog control, or with any MFI-compatible controller. I found the latter option more comfortable and effortless, and noted that the game's graphics held up better ... if they were held up at a distance. Up close, as you'd hold an iPad and not an HD television, this lower-resolution version of BioShock is clearly lacking some of the finer graphical effects like real-time shadows and fog.

Played with a controller and with an iPad Air against a kickstand, however, BioShock just about looks and feels like what you might consider "the real thing." 2K is putting a "premium" price on its striking dystopia for the mobile launch this summer, but hasn't announced the number yet.

BioShock for iOS is compatible only with iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad 4, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5.

[Image: 2K Games]