Ripil encourages you to be kind to each other


Doing a good deed is always a good thing. If you want to share those charitable moments with others and encourage them to do the same -- well guess what? There's an app for that.

Ripil is a kindness tracker that allows you to list the good deeds that you do in order to improve your kindness score. You can create your own deeds or use Ripil's suggestions if you need some inspiration. The app tracks your deeds and provides an optional map view so you can see where you performed your random acts of kindness.

You can earn more kindness points by inviting others to join the Ripil community and by passing on your good deeds. This "Passing on" feature is designed to get strangers involved in your kindness quest and allows you to see how your one small act can quickly extend to a large number of people.


The app also includes kindness challenges allowing you to compete against friends to see who is the most kind. This competition can be extended to groups so you can arrange an event that pits a large number of people such as a school or a city against each other. Ripil even has a leaderboard that shows your kindness ranking as compared to others around you.

Ripil is a delight to use with a UI that doesn't get in the way of the app's ultimate goal -- to make you more kind to others around you. With its leaderboard and scoring system, you'll find yourself getting motivated to improve your kindness score by doing more good deeds. I also appreciated Ripil's philosophy -- it may not resound with everyone, but I found it provided a refreshing take on the social network that promotes kindness and other positive experiences.

Ripil is available for free from the iOS App Store. It requires you to set up a Ripil account so you can track and share your kindness moments. The app is compatible with the iPhone and requires iOS 7.